Research Project  


 Database Construction for Science Education Research
Sponsor: National Science Council
Principal Investigator: Chun-Yen Chang, Ph. D.
Chen-Yung Lin, Ph. D; Chung-Mou Lin, Ph. D; Chin-Chun Liu, Ph. D; Tsung-Hau Jen, Ph. D
Project Period: December 01, 2005 V November 30, 2008
   (1) Project Goals
  The building of a national database management system of
science education is a very important task for constructing science education related indicators, such as student learning achievement, teaching force of science education, and human resource of science education research. The goals of this three-year project are to develop the content of a large database of science education, the establishment of related software and hardware equipment, and to promote science education research using the system. In the long run, to combine with other longitudinal researches on science education indicator systems, the results of such system could serve the formation of national science education policies.
(2) Project Description
  The database system constructed in this project includes three subsystems. They are: (1) a science education research literature database management system; (2) an international and national large-scale science and mathematics research and survey data management system; and (3) a human resource database for science education research. In order to encourage researchers to utilize this database and to gather feedback from the database users to improve the management system, this project also includes various promotion activities such as regular meetings and workshops, periodic research conferences and expert meetings on the development of system application programs.

Committee on Science Education, Ministry of EducationxScience Education MonthlyxTeaching Force and Professional Development Survey of Mathematics and Science Teachers at Elementary and Secondary School LevelsxHuman Capacity Development Program for Science-Talented Senior High School StudentsxTrends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2007 (TIMSS 2007)xDatabase Construction for Science Education ResearchxInternational Junior Science Olympiadx