Research Project  


Human Capacity Development Program for Science-Talented Senior High School Students
Sponsor: Advisory Office, Ministry of Education
Principal Investigator: Jhy-Ming Horng, Ph. D
Co-Investigators: Tsung-Hau Jen, Ph. D, Lih-Lih Chang
Project Period: October 09, 2001 V December 31, 2006
1. Project Goals
  With the aim of cultivating human capacity for science literacy, the project provides selected outstanding high school students with an advanced science learning environment. In the program, these selected students will have guidance from experienced professors while having accesses to get involved in current related experiments and study methods in science research. The learning experience would provide these students with opportunities to stimulate their independent and creative thinking skills, and to increase their future interest in science. The students learning achievement and their devotion to science would enrich the research capacity of academia in the areas of science and may benefit our societal development in the long run.
2. Project Introduction


Selection and Duration

To select 50-100 senior high school freshman students, a two-round (three-round?) student selection process will be administered each school year from 2001 to 2004 school year. The Ministry of Education will pair the students with 50 selected professors in fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, and earth science. The learning program will last for two years, from the spring term of the first school year (3/1) to the fall term of the last school year (2/28). During weekends and winter and summer vacations, the participated students will conduct experiments and learning activities in the laboratories of the supervisory professors.



Student Portfolio (including mid-term and final report)

a. Students should submit their learning progress reports no later than one month after the first year of the program (i.e. 3/31),.

b. Supervisory professors should submit three copies of their advised students research results to the assigned school no later than three months after the second year of the program (i.e. 5/31).

c. Each participated student will be issued a copy of Learning Certificate from their professor after handing in all materials required for the student portfolio. (The project office will prepare and send the professors the Learning Certificates to fill in required information and signature. The certificates will directly be conferred upon the students from the professors.)



This program will also hold national and international learning activities for science-talented senior high school students. The selected outstanding students would have opportunities to participate science related training programs or activities, which currently include Wu-Chien Shiung Science Camp, APEC Youth Science Festival, and international conferences with their professors.


Contact and Tracking
    The program office will contact and encourage participated students to continuously take part in research projects and activities after entering universities. The program office will hold related follow-up activities, funded by the Ministry of Education, with which the professors and students can be involved after the project ends.

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