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 Committee on Science Education, Ministry of Education
  (Science Education Development Project, Committee on Science education, Ministry of Education)
Sponsor: Committee on Science education, Ministry of Education
Principal Investigator: Chun-Yen Chang, Ph. D.
Co-Investigators: Jhy-Ming Horng, Ph. D, Yung-Ta Chang, Ph. D, Ying-Shao Hsu, Ph. D, Pei-Hua Lo, Ph. D, Tsung-Hau Jen, Ph. D
Project Period: September 1979 - current
1. Introduction of Project
        In order to enhance the quality of science education at the college level, the Ministry of Education set up the Committee on Science Education in September, 1979. The Executive director of the committee then was Dr. Ta-You Wu, former president of Academia Sinica while the executive secretary was the director of Science Education Center at National Taiwan Normal University.
      The committee, serving as an advisory organization to the Ministry of Education, consists of 15 guiding directors and 77 advisory committee members that offer Ministry of Education with planning suggestions, considerations, and consultation for science education development. Thoughtful consultation resulted from discussion among committee members which integrate theories and practice would provide professional opinions on policy making and execution for science education.
      For functional operation, the committee was divided into three divisions: teacher education advisory group, curriculum and instruction advisory group, and research and assessment advisory group: 
(1) Teacher education advisory group: provides strategic recommendations and guidance concerning policy making and program design of teacher education.
(2) Curriculum and instruction advisory group: provides strategic recommendations and guidance concerning curriculum development, instruction design, and interdisciplinary program for science education.
(3)   Research and Assessment advisory group: provides strategic recommendations and guidance concerning problem analysis and program integration of educational research and learning performance assessment on science education.

      Each advisory group, consisting of a convening director, a guiding director, and a group advisory committee representative, has its distinct mission although collaboration is often required for facilitating integrated programs and visionary development in science education.
     The guiding directors can choose to participate one of the three advisory groups while convening directors are assigned by the executive director of the committee.
     Under the supervision of the guiding directors, group advisory committee members are grouped into seven science fields where members volunteered to join in. Depending on the project mission that the committee undertakes of the year, the executive director has the right to re-organize the groups where appropriate.

2. Organization Chart


Three groups are at guiding director level, with 15 guiding directors in total.
 The Advisory committee consists of 7 divisions, with 77 committee members in total.
Directors of Ministry of Education divisions and offices, where missions related to science education, should attend the committee meetings.

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